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We love putting great things together. So we’ve brought together classic tastes from our drinks cabinets and created Pedrino – the premium all-natural spritz. By expertly blending premium Sherry, Port and Vermouth with our own handmade tonic water, we’ve created a drink that’s an instant classic in its own right. We think Pedrino is just the thing for discerning drinkers with a taste for discovery.



Chill & Serve

Serving Pedrino couldn’t be easier. Just get a balloon glass or stemless wine glass, fill it with ice then simply open a chilled bottle of Pedrino and pour it over the ice. You can add a garnish of orange, lemon or grapefruit – whatever your taste. Pedrino is perfect as an aperitif to get your dinner party or garden party started, or whenever you want something refreshing and different to enjoy with friends.


History & Quality

We’ve created Pedrino by sourcing the best Sherry, Port and Vermouth from some of the world’s oldest and most respected houses in Europe. We’ve travelled through Spain, Portugal and Italy and tasted the best of their fortified wines to find exactly the right complexity of sophisticated sweetness and intense flavour for Pedrino.


Quinine & Botanicals

We hand make our very own artisanal tonic water that’s dry and lightly sparkling. We source pure spring water and add our signature bitters complex of quinine and natural South American quassia bark leave a uniquely dry finish. The taste is then finely balanced with a selection citrus botanicals, from stone fruits, blood orange, apricot and grapefruit.


Sherry & Tonic Spritz

Pedro Ximénez Sherry blended with tonic water and all-natural citrus botanicals.

Raisin and brandy notes from the Pedro Ximénez are immediately apparent, while subtle white stone fruits linger in the background. You can taste the natural hillside blood orange and grapefruit with hints of blackberry.

Serve with a segment of blood orange.


Ruby & Tonic Spritz

Premium Port blended with tonic water and all-natural citrus botanicals.

Strong notes of cherry and red fruits from the Port coupled with the sublte aroma of Sicilian bitter lemon. Soft rosy palate of plum and blackberries coupled with the refreshing cleanse of sharp citrus.

Serve with a segment of lemon.


Vermouth & Tonic Spritz

Premium Vermouth blended with tonic water and all-natural citrus botanicals.

Mild hints of vanilla and apricot give a light apple blossom aroma. Sharp grapefruit and rich blood orange compliment the unique taste of quality vermouth. Even with the inclusion of our Quinine and Quassia, Wormwood is the star of the show leaving a herby, natural dry finish.

Serve with a segment of grapefruit.


Gin & Pedrino

If you want to explore a completely new drinking experience, here’s a refreshingly original way to enjoy your favourite gin:

Take a balloon glass and fill it with crushed ice, add 25ml of gin, pour in a chilled Pedrino Sherry & Tonic Spritz, garnish with lemon, blood orange or grapefruit.

It’s your very own contemporary classic!


Buy & Enjoy

Pedrino is available at all Waitrose stores throughout the UK.
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